HB 2878


When a violation of state law takes place in the alcoholic beverage industry, the citation is given out by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC). Currently, this citation is often accompanied by an Offer in Compromise (OIC), which allows the licensee to pay a fine of $500 to continue doing business. However, on many occasions, the offense is not fully stipulated. Often, the specifics of the violation are not included, let alone the location where the offense took place.

HB 2878 seeks to improve this process by requiring the ILCC to submit field inspection reports and all evidence collected with an OIC. This will allow the licensee to review the infraction in its entirety and correct for future compliance. Additionally, the bill limits the ILCC to submit a violation to a licensee within 2 years of the violation taking place. 

Beer distributors play a key role in assisting the State of Illinois. In addition to collecting over $60 million annually in gallonage taxes, beer distributors also monitor beer flow throughout the state to ensure freshness and safe products. We are strongly committed to compliance within the three-tier system and seek to have these safeguards applied swiftly and completely. 


Matt Tanaka

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